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Miniature electric hoist is a kind of lifting hoist, generally divided into household miniature hoist and industrial miniature hoist. t is also called civil electric hoist. Generally, it is divided into fixed and operational.
With Simple structure, easy installation, small dimension and exquisite appearance, and the use of single-phase electricity as a power source, miniature electric hoist has reached the international standard in production and design, which ensures the safety of use.
The radiator of the motor adopts cast iron structure, which improves the service life. In the aspect of lifting hook, the advanced double hook setting is specially designed, which greatly increases the lifting weight of miniature electric hoist.
It is a convenient hoisting power for lifting tools, equipment and other heavy items, which adopts pully-enabled double cable system.
As a new type of electric hoist, it is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly and high-tech industrial zones and other modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions. For the warehouse, wharf, ingredients, baskets and narrow space of the work site, can show its good quality. It is the best supporting product of fixed column and wall slewing crane.