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Cracks analysis of crane

Crane as a large lifting equipment, purchase cost of crane is not a small number. In order to extend the life of lifting, to make it more durable, we must understand the crane in the body may be a common, like crane fuselage cracks appeared, this time for the crane to reach the goal of long-term use, how can we deal with.

Wind effects. Operates cranes may be in the open air, overall rain and wind make the crane in the course of which some wind blocks. Once the wind too much, crane side of the operation while resist the effects of wind, bear the load will increase beyond the carrying capacity of machinery and robust mechanical shaking of the moment once overloading machinery may crack and crack in the fuselage.

Cracks may be due to insufficient design prospective, at the time of manufacture, does not take into account the sturdiness and durability of the machinery is needed to prevent. Crane body reinforcement reduces the bridge crane main beam subjected to damage.

Bridge cranes installed improperly can cause corrosion and damage for a long time. When installing the exam should also receive attention and usual, mechanical maintenance concerns is essential. Because bridge cranes under the use for a long time, are subject to different degrees of corrosion, if coupled with a certain degree of impact, cracks will appear. So remember when checking it with lubricant, reducing friction and delay the crane's service life.