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Crane energy-saving application of

Crane is a crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, a locomotive Depot is now attached to gantry cranes, used every day, a lot of work. Bridge cranes will work directly influences locomotive maintenance tasks completed, personal safety equipment safety. Drag the original use of bridge crane system using wound-rotor induction motor, multiple external series resistor within the rotor speed cam controller, relay-contactor control, the main disadvantage of this system is:

Series resistance of the rotor speed control is type differential speed control of energy consumption, energy, mechanical properties of soft, small range of speed, smoothness is poor;

Mechanical impact, affecting life;

Therefore, the only way to completely change the original speed in order to fundamentally solve the problem of bridge crane high failure rate. With the rapid development of electronic technology, frequency converter's performance, reliability has improved greatly, for the transmission of bridge crane system provide favourable conditions. First of all, we take on locomotive diesel engine Assembly the important work of the 32 ton bridge crane car drag system and hook lift system of frequency conversion transformation, to improve its operating performance, reducing the failure rate.