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Winch practice for use of a

1, the winch must be set according to the specifications. Specifications height not less than 2.0 m NET width of 2.4 m, NET 2.0 meters. Goaf roadway tunnel under the roadway of the circumstances in which the order does not affect the safe operation of the principle.

2, winch and construction pneumatic picks digging as possible, depending on the tunnel type can be supported by wooden or I-steel shed support. Bolt-mesh support used by the roof in good condition, roof tent used by the broken support

3, 11.4KW, winch Foundation using concrete poured, based on specifications for 1.0x1.0x1.0 meters. Cement, sand and gravel in the concrete (melon seeds) mix 90%with; water/cement ratio is 0.4.

4, winch shed support when, from outside to inside-by-rack basis, greenhouse and greenhouse with timbering or tie together into a whole, waist, helping to pick up surface. Shed no more than 0.7 meters from. When the anchor NET support, 800x800mm bolt row spacing.

5, winch motor winch socket should be installed inside of the operation space of not less than 0.8 m operation button on the shelves, switch in order and must not hinder the operation.

6, the other according to the relevant provisions in the regulation.