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Advantages Of Steel Plate Lifting Clamp And Maintenance Methods

Steel plate lifting clamp by the majority of consumers in the country's favor, and its own advantage is inseparable. Today we come to understand the advantages of steel plate lifting clamp and how to maintain the lifting clamp to make it a longer time to play its advantages.

First advantage of steel plate lifting clamp:

First, easy to use. Hold the rings to control the jaws can be closed, convenient and quick.

Second, safe and reliable. Material safety: steel plate lifting clamp made of high quality alloy steel, high quality alloy steel with toughness, strength, good wear resistance advantages, so even if the steel plate clamp clamp clamp will only be deformed and will not Broken, very safe. Structure of the sense of security: steel plate lifting clamp structure is characterized by lifting the heavier weight, clamp the more tightly, in the rated load do not have to worry about the situation will occur off the goods.

Third, the appearance of simple and generous. Steel plate lifting clamp complex structure is hidden in the internal, looks simple and not simple.

Followed by steel plate lifting clamp maintenance methods:

First, check before use. The structure of the steel clamp is not complicated, so check it again is not difficult, I hope you patience to do this step. If the inspection found that the steel plate clamp wear serious or the clamp head is not tight, should stop using, replace the new steel clamp and then continue to operate.

Second, the user's hand is best to have two steel pliers, to prevent a plate lifting clamp problem occurs without a substitute tool for the situation.

Third, do a good job cleaning, lubrication work.

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