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Basic Knowledge Of Crane

Crane refers to a certain extent vertically and horizontal lifting crane. Also known as the crane. Tyre crane's main features are: the driving cab and lifting control room in one, is by cranes (crawler crane) evolved, part of the walking mechanism of walking tracks and brackets into tires chassis overcame crawler cranes (crawler crane) disadvantages of track damage to the pavement, which belongs to the material handling machinery. Lifting equipment work is characterized by intermittent movement, feeding in a single work cycle, migration, uninstall the corresponding agency is the alternation of such movements, the development and more widespread use of cranes in the market. Because there is no leg lifting and hoisting accidents often occur, the speed of the crawler cranes (crawler cranes); job stability, load capacity within a specific range, and cranes walk, but must ensure that the roads smooth solid and the tire pressure to meet the requirements, hanging above the ground shall not exceed 50CM prohibited to walk long distance with load. In order to ensure safe operation and at present, basically without legs for lifting operations.