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Characteristics Of Electric Pallet Truck

Electric handling car drive round, and load round, and balance round used special process of rubber/poly ammonia fat round, greatly extended using was ordered to; super small body design, can should for various small channel; run speed fast, hosted capacity strong, great improve efficiency; original imports no level adjustable speed computer system, big capacity traction battery multifunctional handles: operation who can through electronic lock started vehicles. Easy to control the speed, such as the need to accelerate the speed of just turning the handle, switch, rotate more and faster speed.

Delay in acceleration: operating speed has been rotated to the fastest speed, the machine-specific job will automatically open will be from low speed high speed 3-8 seconds to prevent accelerated too quickly to harm people.

Power brakes: brake lever at the State up, when operation points down on the business at hand, when braking when downhill rates on cargo weight, the operator can brake on the slope to prevent vehicle free coast and reduce accidents.

Five point structures: the unique structure may bring a vehicle more stability, especially in wet ground or on a slope, can give full play to its role.

Driving wheel restraint systems: driving wheel pressure changes with load light, the machine responsible for drawing restraint system will vary according to the light vibration, especially when the ground is not flat, a unique role. Vehicles stability adjusts itself.

Battery, battery indicator: easily grasp how much battery storage, low battery alarm.