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Detailed Description Of The Working Principle Of Wire Rope Electric Hoists

Wire rope electric hoists performance and features: wire rope electric hoists is a small lifting equipment, wire rope electric hoists has a compact structure, light weight, small size, versatile parts, easy to operate, etc., it can be installed separately in the work Word steel, can also be installed in the electric or manual single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes on the use.

Wire rope electric hoists light weight, small size, compact structure, variety specifications, smooth operation. How to start the lifting motor, the lifting of the weight to the appropriate height, and then start running the motor to the heavy load to the designated location, running the car in the bottom of the single-beam beam walking. When walking, use a motor to drive the wheels on both sides of the car. As the walking speed is relatively small, so the operation of the car is generally no brake mechanism. When running the car in the walk, in order to prevent heavy objects down, in the hoisting mechanism set up an electromagnetic brake.

Brake is to rely on the pressure of the spring to the inner and outer disk compression, the principle and the friction clutch similar to the release of the use of electromagnet electromagnetism after suction outside the disk and make the outer disk release. The circuit of the electromagnetic brake is connected in parallel with the circuit of the hoisting motor. Therefore, when the motor is closed, the electromagnetic brake is disconnected and the electromagnetic attraction disappears when the motor is closed and the electromagnetic brake is released , Under the action of the spring pressure, the inner and outer disk tightly pressed, play the role of braking.

Electric hoists in the lifting of objects to prevent the rise beyond the limit position caused by the accident, generally in the lower part of the reel installed on the rising limiter. When the load rises to the limit position, the pressure plate and the limit switch contact, turn off the power, stop the weight continues to rise. The stopper is used to prevent the boom from rising beyond the limit position and therefore can not be used frequently. Wire rope electric hoists has its advantages also has its shortcomings, in the course of the use or should be careful. But its advantages are greater than the shortcomings, it is also an indispensable part of mechanical engineering.