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Development Of The Crane Industry

With the development of the crane industry more and more enterprises to join the crane industry. Takamitsu pointed out that risks of construction machinery including technical risk, risk and economic fluctuations of supply and demand. Current project is mainly reflected in the core technology in mechanical product design and technical integration, if not timely research and development of new technologies, new processes and new products to meet market requirements, product may face the risk of being eliminated.

Because of China's construction machinery industry is extremely competitive, especially international construction machinery elites into the Chinese market. Compared with foreign competitors, Chinese enterprises in the product category, research and development, technology, capital, there is a large gap in terms of scale and brand influence. In addition, the volatility of the world economy or the industry will bring a certain amount of uncontrollable risk. Construction machinery industry as infrastructure projects, investment-driven industry, and if the future growth of the national economy is slowing, fixed-asset investment scale.