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Electric Hoists Can Not Work Three Common Fault Analysis

Press the start switch after the electric hoists can not work mainly because the gourd did not connect the rated working voltage, and can not work, generally have the following three cases:

(1) whether the power supply system for Electric Hoists power supply, the general test pen test, such as no power transmission, and so after the power transmission; gourd, control circuit electrical damage, line disconnection or poor contact, but also make Hulu motor can not power, there is such a situation, need to repair the main, control loop, maintenance, in order to prevent the main, control circuit to the three-phase motor power phase

(2) and burn the motor, or Electric Hoists motor suddenly power operation, resulting in harm, be sure to hoist motor from the power line disconnected, only to the main, control circuit power, and then start the start and stop the switch, check the analysis and control Electrical appliances and the work of the line, the problem of electrical appliances or lines to repair or replacement, when the main and control circuit to confirm the trouble, before re-test;

(3) hoist motor terminal voltage than the rated voltage of more than 10 percent, the motor starting torque is too small, so that hoist lifting the goods, and can not work, check, with a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the motor input voltage, Due to the voltage is too low, so that the motor can not start, wait for the system voltage to return to normal after the use of electric hoists. Sometimes, the hoist motor voltage is normal, and the gourd is not working, which need to consider other reasons, such as: the motor was burned, maintenance need to replace the motor; gourd long-term do not, poor maintenance and other reasons to brake wheel and end of the rust, Brake wheel can not be opened when the start, the motor only issued a "hum" sound, turn not up, gourd can not work. At this time, should remove the brake wheel, cleaning the rust surface, and then re-test; motor serious sweep chamber, will make the motor does not turn, found that this situation should stop using, must be overhaul or replace the motor to ensure that the gourd normal jobs. In addition, the production is strictly prohibited overload use of electric hoists, when the goods overload, hoist hanging goods, the motor only issued a "hum" sound, and not running, serious will burn the motor, and even lead to accidents, then immediately stop, Reduce the goods, so that the gourd in the rated power work.