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Excavator Up And Down The Skills Of The Cart To Explain

Excavators, known as the excavation of the construction machinery. Roughly divided into two kinds: one kind of wheeled, one kind of track. The simple point of the wheel is that the steering wheel and the wheel can run on the road. Crawler can also run on the road, but it is not a traffic police fine so simple, say it is also running unhappy ah. So the crawler excavator will use the pallet truck to carry between the site of the transport.

Then the next and we talk about the excavator on the method and safety precautions.

First, back method.

Back to the law As the name suggests is the excavator back to the carriage on the open. It is divided into the following steps.

1, adjust the excavator to the carriage and the carriage along the alignment of the location (this time I suggest that the drive wheel in front, because when you get off is the guide wheel in the past).

2, the crawler slowly and evenly open to the ladder, has been open to the end of the track and ladder end of the alignment position, then the excavator body has been quite tilted.

3, slowly turn to the end of the guide wheel, with a bucket support to support the track, so that the body smooth.

4, slowly and evenly backward back, the arm should also be with the speed of walking forward until the track all the pressure on the drag board so far.

5, lift the boom to the excavator to the appropriate location of the carriage, roll up the arm fell to the carriage.

In this way, the excavator has been safely moved to the trailer.

Second, directly on.

1, the excavator directly to the carriage (the same I suggested that the drive is also in front of the wheel, of course, can also guide the wheel before, so get off when the operation of the excavator will feel inconvenient, with the personal habits of it) Adjust the excavator to the position along the carriage and the pallet truck.

2, slowly and evenly to the excavator to open ladder, when the front of the track to the edge of the towel when the bucket attached to the middle of the carriage, remember to be posted, not support. If supported, then the carriage can not afford the pressure of the fight.

3, walking bar must be depressed at the same time, slowly and evenly forward to open, this time the arm will be with the tilt of the body to the appropriate adjustment. When the body down the pressure to mention a little big arm, until the track all up to the tray so far.

4, lift the boom, the body transferred to the middle of the carriage, turn to the end of the tail of the trailer, roll up the arm fell to the carriage.

Roll the boom

The above is on the two methods of the carriage, then we should pay attention to the time when the carriage must be slow to move forward, or with the idle forward, if the action is too fierce, then easy to pass off the side caused by crawler. There is the time to adjust the boom must be based on the degree of tilt of the body to the appropriate adjustment.