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HEBEI KUNDA HOISTING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD Sales Director Interviews - Material Handling Industry Market Outlook

"China's economy is currently in the brief downturn, the challenges and opportunities coexist. We believe that manufacturing labor costs raise in China, the market urgently need to improve the efficiency, so the material handling industry must have a very good future." TKK Sales Director Nick said.


Established in 1996, HEBEI KUNDA HOISTING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a modern enterprise focusing on scientific research and development, production and manufacturing of lifting equipment. We supply multiple lifting equipment and service with integration of manufacturing, selling, installation and after-sales maintenance Single-phase Mini Electric hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Manual Chain Hoist, Lever Hoist, Manual Trolley, Flexible Light Crane System, Cantilever Crane, Single-and-Double Beam Bridge Crane, European end beam and Explosion-proof electric chain hoist, explosion-proof electric chain hoist, explosion-proof manual chain hoist and manual trolley, special electric chain hoist used in wind power generation, special electric chain hoist used in Cleaning room, special steel lever hoist are widely applied to wind power generation, mining, papermaking, shipbuilding, electrical installation, sewage treatment, smelting casting and other special fields.


“Konecranes, KITO, OZLifting and CMWORKS are the world grade manufacturers who invest a number of capital into the R&D, they are occupying the Top Industry Chain with very high profits in the world! For it, we continue to visit the China Research Institute, invite the domestic and foreign experts, open-mindedly accept their advanced guidance. In 2012, we increase two production lines. We are continuing to increase the staff, capital investment, research and inspection, we trust TKK will become the crane industry leader in the future. "- TKK Sales Director Nick said.

TKK Hoist & Crane are the outstanding advanced material handling solution that is very easy to move and position and low maintenance costs compared to conventional hoist and crane, which increase the production efficiency by 20-30%, reduce the labor intensity and improve the worker's satisfaction. Our Hoist & Crane are widely used in the foreign countries, represent the advanced material handling solutions, TKK will have a bright market prospect.” Nick Fu added.