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How Does The Plate Lifting Clamp Perform Periodic Maintenance

Steel plate lifting clamp structure is simple, easy to use, is dedicated to lifting steel plate objects. Although the steel plate lifting clamp easy to use, but we can not take care of its maintenance problems lightly. The following is the steel plate lifting clamp on the maintenance of the Notes.

First, the plate lifting clamp on the nameplate label should be marked with the rated load. With this tag overload event is not easy to happen.

Second, check the steel plate lifting clamp clamp head body wear or tear; whether there is crack; whether there is deformation and so on. These cases must be early detection of early treatment, otherwise it will evolve into the tragedy of the injured.

Third, the clamp head with a tooth on the anti-skid plate wear on the amount of wear check. The role of the teeth with anti-skid plate is to make steel plate lifting clamp and steel plate clamp fit more closely more difficult to fall steel plate accident. So if you find that the amount of wear is very large, you should immediately replace the clamp head.

Fourth, the plate lifting clamp clamp head opening degree inspection. Opening degree than the standard size increased by 10% or more, then the clamp has been scrapped standards.

Fifth, the load test of the plate lifting clamp. The rated load of 2 times the steel plate on the lifting clamp on the lifting, lifting up to 2 meters to stop, adhere to 5 minutes. And then observe whether the plate lifting clamp is abnormal, if the deformation should be scrapped.

Above is the steel plate lifting clamp regular maintenance need to pay attention to matters. On the regular maintenance of the time, according to their own use of the situation of steel clamp, often used to do regular maintenance, do not often use the cycle can be a little longer, but no matter how the use of steel plate lifting clamp must have a large annual inspection.