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How operate electric hoist legally? How operate electric hoist in safety? Electric Hoist Precautions

1.      Operator must learn the professional lessons, and accept the safety and technical training, AFTER pass the examination of business department or state, operators can engage in command and operation.

2.      Before operator use the electric hoist, he must inspect the safety technical conditions of hooks, wire rope, reducer and other vulnerable parts.

3.      When electric hoist is being used, forbid the idlers to enter the dangerous hoisting area and send special ones to watch it.

4.      It must be standardized and legal that the electric hoist lifts or bundles the goods.

5.      Prohibit lifting operation condition:

l  Damaged brake, safety device failure, damaged hook nut anti loose device, damaged wire rope damage.

l  Hanging bundle or hanging is not strong or uneven, the goods may slip.

l  Without the padding between the corners of goods and wire rope.

l  Operator cannot see the venue, hanging situation or command signals.

l  In the condition of suspension or rest, operator must suspend the goods, basket, spreader and cable in the air.

6.      When the electric hoist works, you shall not inspect or maintain the lifting machinery.

Do not adjust the brake of lift mechanism when under load.

7.      When dropping hanging objects, strictly prohibit the free fall (slip).

Do not use the position limiter to stop.