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How To Avoid Electric Hoists Rust

Electric hoists is a small metal lifting tools, long hours of electric hoists how many will have some rust, but the following methods can make the device is not easy to rust, extend the life of electric hoists. Here to tell you the electric hoists does not rust the maintenance method:

1, such as wire rope hoist, wire rope surface should be coated with anti-rust lubricants, in non-operating conditions should be wrapped in an external sheet or plastic film.

2, the hook of the bearing, to inject calcium-based anti-rust grease to rust, and often check, rust effect, to extend the use of the effect.

Electric hoists long-term corrosion by the rust not only shorten the life, but also affect the use, so often check and timely conservation.

3, electric hoists gear box gear parts in the surface coated with anti-rust oil barium sulfonate, and regularly check the construction and protection of the oil film integrity. If you find rust, need to use hardwood or bamboo scraping rust to re-oil, such as the original oil film has been damaged or deterioration, the application of kerosene or gasoline cleaning, and then coated with anti-rust grease.

4, all parts of the electric hoists has been exposed to the exposed surface and exposed surface of the threaded parts such as corrosion, should be coated with calcium-based anti-rust grease or other anti-rust grease.