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What to do when the Electric Hoist Not Working?

what to do when press the start button but the electric hoist not working?

The normal reason is there is no nominal voltage supplying to the hoist.3 situations hereby for your reference.

1.Check whether the power supply system for electric hoist power transmission, the general method is to use test pencil test, if there is no power transmission, please restore the power supply.

2.Check the main circuit of the electric hoist whether existing electrical damage, disconnection or bad connection. If exists, please overhaul the control loop.

In the overhaul, in order to prevent Three-phase AC phase loss and burn the motor; As well as accidents caused by the suddenly energized operation of the electric hoist motor, please cut off the power supply to the electric hoist motor, power the main control circuit only.

Then press the start and stop switches, check the analysis controller and wire. Repair or replace the faulty electrical appliances or wire, after checking that all the main and control circuit is no fault, you can start testing the motor.

3.When the voltage of the electric hoist motor is 10% lower than the rated voltage, the torque of the electric hoist will be too small, so that the electric hoist cannot afford to lift the goods.

In the maintenance, please use a voltmeter to measure the input voltage of the motor. If the input voltage is below the normal value, please operate the hoist after restoring normal voltage. If the electric hoist motor voltage is normal, but the electric hoist is not working, that needs to consider the other reasons. 

4.other reasons for example: If the motor is burnt out, replace the motor; if it is not used for a long time, or because of poor maintenance cause the brake wheel and cover rust. When the motor starts, the brake wheel does not rotate, you can hear the roar of the motor, but the electric hoist still cannot work. Please remove the brake wheel, clean the rusty surface, and then restart; another reason is that due to bearing bending or bearing damage, the rotor and stator run irregularly and friction occurred, that leads to the motor burn down. In this case, stop working, overhaul or replace the motor so that the hoist can work normally. In addition, in the production process, the use of electric hoist is strictly prohibited overloading, when the goods over-overload, hoist cannot afford to hang the goods, can only hear the roar of the motor, the electric hoist cannot operate, the serious situation will lead to the motor burned, or even cause accident. At the situation, you should immediately stop running to reduce the cargo, let the power hoist work at rated power.