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Lever Hoist Operating Precautions

How operate Lever Hoist Operating Precautions legally? How operate Lever Hoist Operating Precautions in safety? 

A) Keep the load within the rated capacity marked on the lever hoist. An excess load may lead to an accident. The lever hoist is overloaded when the pulling effort indicated in the standard specifications is exceeded.

B) Before operating, lift and lower the load about 4" and test the brake system. Ineffective braking may lead to an accident.

C) Loads must be lifted slowly as possible. Load swinging and abrupt shocks will impose on the lever hoist excessive burdens double or more the weight of the load.

D) Extreme temperatures will affect the durability of the lever hoist. In subzero temperatures loads must be lifted and lowered very slowly and carefully.

E) Hooking load must be applied squarely to the center of the hook and the hook must not come loose during operation. Never use the hook directly on a load as shown in Figure 4.

Use the correct attachments as shown in Figure 5.



Figures 6 through 9 show improper hooking methods, which may cause the hook to elongate or bend. These hooking methods may also obstruct the load chain flow to the load sheave and prevent the lever hoist from operating properly.



In applications similar

to Figures 6 through 9. be sure to use the correct slings and attachments to

ensure safe operation and Iong life of the lever hoist.



F) Never run the chain out too far. When the lever hoist is run out beyond the range of lift, a dangerous excessive load will be imposed on the load chain, stop grip and gearings.

G) The selector lever must be set to the "UP" position when the lever hoist is under a load during hoisting or pulling.

H) Lifting a load with two lever hoists is not recommended.

If the job is unavoidable, keep the load well within the total rated capacity of the two lever hoists; lift with exceptional care while maintaining proper balance, angle and lifting speed.

I) Do not throw or drop the lever hoist from high places; do not drag the lever hoist in transportation. Doing so may cause damage that may lead to an accident.