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Lifting Chain Rigging To What Kind Of Standards Should Be Scrapped

Chain hoist on the lifting chain in the use of a period of time will appear after the aging phenomenon, resulting in chain hoists appear card chain, the operation of the sound and other phenomena, serious may lead to deformation of the chain or even broken, then the face of this What should we do?

Some users approach is to use the new chain instead of aging chain, old and new chain mixed together, this approach is not correct. Old and new chain mixed together will make the chain wear, serious still can not work properly, and take maintenance and more harm than good. In this case, Xiaobian suggested that you directly replace the new chain, the use of safe and reliable.

When there is a problem with the lifting chain, we will be subject to the circumstances, for small defects in the chain can be repaired, and for the chain aging or serious wear and tear and other issues need to replace the new chain. If you can not make an accurate judgment, you can call our contact telephone number.

Lifting chain rigging is widely used in heavy Lifting chain, and in order to ensure that we are in the process of lifting the personal safety, to understand the chain of rigging standards is very necessary, the following we take a look at the heavy chain cable What are the retirement standards?

1, if the chain ring, rings, the middle or connector deformation occurs need to be scrapped;

2, the average diameter of the chain decreased by 10%;

3, any position in the chain of more than 3% of the stretch, this time the need for chain rigging for disposal;

4, hook deformation of more than 10% should also be scrapped.

Above is the Lifting chain of the chain rigging standards, we usually check the chain rigging to see whether it has reached the retirement standard, once it should be immediately scrapped, must not continue to use. If you still do not know, please call our contact number.