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Manual Hoists Latest Purchase Skills

Manual hoists use a very wide range of small lifting machinery, machinery industry people are very familiar with, Manual Hoists is a portable, the use of simple lifting tools. For small equipment and cargo short interval lifting, from the normal weight does not exceed 100T. Said a little simple, manual hoists is a laborious lifting tool.

Manual Hoists professional term called "chain hoist", according to the different regions, but also can be called inverted chain, do not fall, is pulled into the manual chain, bracelet wheel rotation, the friction plate ratchet, brake seat into a common rotation , The teeth of the long axis will rotate the gear, the short axis and the spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting sprocket mounted on the spline gears drives the lifting chain to smoothly lift the weight.

Then in the purchase of Manual Hoists should pay attention to what aspects, Shanghai workers teach you Manual Hoists purchase skills?

1, according to their own needs to choose the size of the appropriate Manual Hoists to select the specifications. The specification is big enough and can not be overloaded.

2, when the purchase to repeat the pull several times the zipper, check whether the chain slip. To check whether the chain is intact, the length can be correct.

3, to see the Manual Hoists material, the chain is more durable 80, Shanghai products are used 100 chain, hook for the manganese steel material, greatly enhanced the durability of the product.

4, pay attention to observe the nose of the shell can have cracks. As in the course of the use of hand chain hoist chassis is easy due to collision, fell to the ground and break.

5, check the Manual Hoists packaging and vouchers, Shanghai products are anti-counterfeit labels, after the above security code, you can call the hotline to verify the authenticity, to prevent posing.