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Mini Electric Hoists Is Necessary To Do The Five View

  New procurement of mini electric hoists is necessary to see through the official work, today to teach us how to check to determine the micro-electric hoists can be a formal work!

    First, the appearance of view: This is the most intuitive view, qualified gourd in any part, can not affect the use of scars, rust or other shortcomings.

    Second, the no-load view: that is, no load conditions, view the structure is not sensitive to work, is not abnormal sound, card rope and other questions.

    Third, the load view: load view and no-load view is the opposite, that is, in a load situation, check the working conditions of electric hoists, if no abnormal, basically can be a formal work.

    Fourth, the limit to accept the view: In accordance with the high standards of TTOYO mechanical request, our gourd can accept more than one second of the additional tonnage, this setting is to avoid unexpected unexpected situation!

    Fifth, the limit of work to see: that is the normal way to work, so that up and down 20 times the gourd, the cycle of lifting and suspension. This test is to avoid the gourd showing hidden questions, pre-performance does not come out through repeated repeated movements to ensure that there is no doubt

    The above is the use of micro-electric hoists before the need to do five view, you can ensure that the gourd will not be due to their own quality problems unexpected situation, but also for your personal and industrial safety of a maintenance!