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Operation Rules Of Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists operating procedures, has always been the focus of most users focus on the content.

1, Electric Hoists should be used before checking the mechanical part of the equipment and electrical parts, wire rope, hook, limiter, etc. should be intact, the electrical part should be no leakage, grounding device should be good.

2, Electric Hoists should be set to the buffer, the track should be set at both ends of the baffle.

3, the first time the work of lifting heavy objects, the ground should be 100mm away from the ground when the stop, check the Electric Hoists brake, confirmed before the official operation. Open shelter, should be set up shelter.

4, to prevent the collision.

5, lifting objects should be tied firmly. Electric Hoists hanging heavy objects walking, heavy objects from the ground should not exceed 1.5m high. Intermittent work should not be heavy objects hanging in the air.

6, Electric Hoists operations in the smell, high temperature and other abnormalities, should immediately stop the inspection, troubleshooting can continue to use.

7, the use of hanging cable electrical control switch, the insulation should be good, sliding should be comfortable. The rear of the person's standing position should be 2m open space and the button should be operated correctly.

8, in the lifting, due to failure caused by heavy loss of control, you must take urgent measures to decentralized weight.

9, in the lifting of the rapid decline.

10, Electric Hoists in the rated load brake, the amount of sliding displacement should not be greater than 80mm. Otherwise, the oil should be removed or replace the brake ring.

11, after the completion of the operation, should be parked in the designated location, hook up, and cut off the power, lock the switch box.