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Safety Specification For Manual Hoists Operation

Manual Hoists This week, learning topics for the safety of lifting operations norms, as one of the top ten high-risk operations, lifting operations safety norms involved more content, so this week focus on small and small lifting equipment from the safety norms to learn, On-site comparison of the commonly used manual safety gourd specifications.

Manual Hoists According to the structure, the lifting machinery is mainly divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type (bridge type, gantry crane), boom type (self-type, tower type, door type, railway type, floating ship type, mast crane ), Cable type. According to the nature of lifting can be divided into: mobile cranes, tower cranes, mast cranes. Among them, the mobile cranes are generally divided into: truck cranes (car cranes), tire cranes (tire cranes), cross-country cranes, all road cranes, crawler cranes (crawler cranes), special cranes. Zhuhai sea construction site commonly used lifting machinery, including chain hoists, truck cranes, crawler cranes, bridge cranes, tire cranes and so on.

According to GB6067 lifting safety regulations, light and small lifting equipment, including jack, Manual Hoists, belt conveyor and lifting tackle. Among them, the Manual Hoists can be divided into chain hoists (Chain hoists) and chain lever hoist (Lever hoists), hand chain hoist is the sea construction site commonly used a small light lifting equipment.

Hand chain hoist and hand chain hoist are Manual Hoists, commonly known as not falling, chain hoist, inverted chain, fairy gourd. Lever hoist is through the manpower lever handle lever with the principle of access to match the load with the linear traction, the role of rotation in the movement of a clamp body, driving the load operation; hand chain hoist is by dragging the chain, , The friction plate ratchet, the brake seat into one body co-rotation, 5 teeth long axis rotating gear, 4-axis short axis and spline hole gear, the device in the spline gear on the lifting sprocket to drive the lifting chain, thus Smooth lifting of heavy objects.

Manual Hoists The difference between the two: hand chain hoist is driven by hand zipper, used for vertical lifting of the weight; lever hoist is driven by the way the handle, used for horizontal movement of heavy objects.