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Sling Safety

1, using the new Sling should be checked before their certificates, and load test, check the security.

2, operations must be based on hanging weight, size, shape, confirm the lift and suitable slings.

3, when using a clasp, clasp the lateral force is strictly prohibited, you must check whether the closing pin tighten before lifting. Not use crack, deformation of the clasp. Welding repair method to fix the snap ring is strictly prohibited.

4, and all wire ropes may not continue to use one of the following: 1) wire rope diameter reduction 7%~10%. 2) number of broken wires in one pitch over total number of wire 10%.

5, chain should be scrapped one of the following: 1) cracks; 2) plastic deformation, elongation of the original length of 5%; 3) chain wear up to original diameter 10% diameter.

6, non-overloaded use of Sling.

7, unmarked slings unconfirmed, shall not be used.

8, Sling Assembly parts require periodic inspection.

9, the hammer can not be used to correct distortion of Sling.

10, Sling against throwing.

11, not from under the weight pulling or rolling so that the weight on the sling.

12, lifting square, edge artifacts, you must add iron, does not allow cable and direct contact component edges.