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The Requirement Of Electric Hoists To Crane Accessories Hook

Electric hoists is a small lifting equipment, because of its convenience is good, in the daily life has been widely used. But many people for the use of electric hoists requirements are not how to understand, it will easily lead to the use of the process is prone to some problems that affect the smooth progress of the work.

1, in use, electric hoists which estimated that the hook angle of the hook should be maintained within 10 degrees, that is, the twist angle of the hook body can not exceed 10 degrees.

2, should be done on the surface of the maintenance of the hook, to keep clean, can not be cracked, acute angle, burr and stripping and other defects.

3, there is a defective electric hoists lifting accessories hook can not be welded to continue to use.

4, the hook can not have the internal cracks, white spots and the impact of its safe use of inclusions and other defects.

5, dangerous section or hook hook handle shall not have plastic deformation; hook the thread shall not be corroded.

6, electric hoists hook opening should be consistent with the provisions of GB10051 5.2.

The general working level is M4, M5 is the working level of the electric hoists. The main characterization of electric hoists running load and the use of frequency. If often full load, frequent use, the need for electric hoists work level is higher. The higher the work level, the greater the motor load, the better the required motor performance, and some require special motors. The working level of the electric hoists does not correspond to the working level of the motor.

Electric hoists motor working class -S2 short-term working system: in a constant load at a given time to run, the time is not enough to achieve thermal stability, followed by the power to stop enough time to allow the motor to cool again with the cooling medium temperature Poor within 2K.

Electric Hoists Motor Operating Level -S3 Intermittent Cycle Operating System: Operates according to a series of identical duty cycles, each cycle including a constant load run time and a breakout time.