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TKK & TOYO Cooperation In 122th Canton Fair

TKK & TOYO cooperated on 122th Canton Fair

TKK now cooperate with TOYO to explore the future of hoisting industry.Both TKK hoist & TOYO hoist are hot selling in China.TKK are in charge of researching and developing,focus on keeping and improving the quality of hoist and lifting equipment. 

About TOYO, founded in 1953, one of the national brands in Japan, has created some industry standard in many areas, such as TOYO University, TOYO Military Industry, TOYO Shipbuilding, TOYO Electromechanical. TOYO gains a reputation on “High quality” & “New technology” from clients around the world.

Here are some pictures about TOYO hoist and TKK hoist on 122th Canton Fair.

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