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Two - Speed Winches Lubrication And Sealing

Before assembly, be familiar with the construction of each part of the Winches to prevent misplaced and missing. Assembly should pay attention to the following: all parts are required to scrub clean, prevent dirt and other dirt into the, all rolling bearings should be heated in the tank (not more than 100 ℃) to suit, not hard, hard hit; in the assembly process In the operation of the parts and rolling bearings should be coated with lubricants at any time.

1, the assembly sequence:

(3) low-speed transmission to pay parts; (4) brake components; (5) base, motor, motor bracket, bearing (2) high-speed transmission parts; frame.

Assemble: First, 130 ball bearings (13) into the reel inner cavity, and then turn the cylinder upside down (with a brake disc side up), install high-speed transmission parts, screw eight screws (7) So that with the reel firmly fixed, and then install the bearing sleeve with a screw tightening, and then reel upside down the position (so that the brake disc side down), low-speed transmission to pay parts, loading cover, oil seal, Brake wheel (20) lifting brake components, bearing bracket, motor, motor bracket on the base, with bolts firmly.

2, disassembly

Basically the opposite of the assembly order.

The removal of the Winches should be carried out at the shop or workshop. Be careful when disassembling, do not damage parts.

Two-speed Winches lubrication and sealing:

Two-speed Winches machine lubrication is not only related to the normal work of the machine, but also directly affect the life of the machine, it must be timely replacement and replacement of lubricants. Lubricant oil must meet the requirements, not mixed with dust, dirt, chips, and water and other impurities.

Closed gear rotating lubricating oil using industrial gear oil 320 (GB5903-1995). Reducer within the maximum oil surface does not exceed one-third of the diameter of the large bevel gear. Closed gear box rolling bearings are splash lubrication.

(SC / T0368-1992), the addition of grease to each rolling bearing shall not exceed two-thirds of the capacity, every 3 to 6 months to refuel or replace once The

For new or overhauled two-speed Winches, after half a month of operation must be replaced in the reducer lubricants and cleaning, in order to remove the transmission parts of the metal scraping off. Reducer sealing surface seal are not allowed to leak, in the sealing surface coating sealant or water glass.