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Under What Circumstances Replace The Lifting Chain

Electric chain hoist by the motor, transmission and sprocket composition, chain electric hoist lifting chain with Φ7.1mm and Φ11.2mm 80 surface hardening lifting chain to ensure its safety and durability. Lifting chain hardened surface can prevent product damage and softening of core materials, so that long-term lifting chain to maintain high performance. Its chain is one of the most important components, Yu Xin chain summary of the following chain electric hoist lifting chain replacement conditions:

The average chain diameter dm = (d1 + d2): 2 <= 0.9d The average link diameter is calculated by two separate values and separate rotations.

If the length of a lifting chain is increasing or the inclination of the inner dimension of a single chain exceeds 5%, the lifting chain should be replaced immediately. If the inside of the hoisting chain has exceeded 2% of the chain measuring dimension, it should be replaced immediately Lifting chain.

Lifting chain is part of the hoist, lifting the work of heavy objects, some of the chain in the course of the use of the fracture situation, affecting the safety of operation. Then the chain is broken how is it? Here to give you a detailed introduction.

For the lifting chain break is mainly improper operation of the user, the chain quality is not up to standard.

Improper operation of the user, including the overload operation, cable lift lifting behavior, will make the chain to increase the affordability, over the rated load, easy to make the chain deformation, fracture situation.

Lifting chain quality does not meet the standard will increase the fracture situation, because the chain did not meet the national production standards, the quality of the existence of loopholes in the user to lift, the chain increased force, long time will lead to the use of the chain fracture.