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What Is The Electromagnetic Chuck Above The Electric Hoists?

I believe a lot of small partners in the iron factory have seen electric hoists above a sucker can suck iron, but do not know what is today Xiaobian and we talk about what this is called!

Electric hoists above the sucker his name is called: permanent magnet sucker, also known as magnetic sucker.

Features of permanent magnet sucker:

1) The use of high-performance permanent magnet material NdFeB (Nd-Fe-B) for the product core, so that the product smaller, lifting lifting force stronger, and the magnetic enduring.

2) can be used without electricity, eliminating the need for power supply trouble.

3) Optimized magnetic circuit design, so that the remanence is almost zero.

4) professional design of the appearance of the product to make the product more beautiful.


Mainly with lifting hoisting, the use of electric hoists hanging above the hook hanging permanent magnet sucker so as to lift the inconvenient use of electric hoists lifting items are mainly iron!

Permanent magnet sucker is mainly used to suck iron items, other items can not breathe!

Each of the permanent magnet sucker power is the same as the high power can be used in the small electric hoists above the low-power sucker is not in the use of large electric hoists above the sucker power will not breathe iron! The The