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What Is The Operating Condition Of The Electric Hoists?

Electric hoists is a small lifting equipment, because of its convenience is good, in the daily life has been widely used. But many people for the use of electric hoists requirements are not how to understand, it will easily lead to the use of the process is prone to some problems that affect the smooth progress of the work.

Electric hoists in the operation of the ambient temperature must be -20 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ between

Working system: Intermediate JC25%

Heavy: JC40%

When the intermediate work system electric hoists from the weight reduction of 30%, is the heavy work system JC40% of the electric hoists.

Heavy duty system JC40% of the electric hoists is used in the relatively heavy work, the load is often rated or require a high safety factor in the case.

Electric hoists structure reducer: the use of three fixed shaft helical gear rotation mechanism, gear and gear shaft with heat treated alloy steel, the box, the lid made of high quality cast iron, tight assembly, good sealing. Reducer into a component, loading and unloading is very convenient.

Control box: the use of emergency situations can be cut off the main circuit, and with the upper and lower stroke protection off the fire limit device. To ensure the safe operation of the electric hoists. Electrical components long life, the use of reliable.

Wire rope: GB1102-74 (6 * 37 + 1) X-type lifting rope, to ensure a durable.

Cone motor: hoisting motor with a larger starting torque cone-shaped rotor brake asynchronous motor, no need to add a brake. The motor duty cycle is 25%, the motor is Class B or F, and the motor protection class IP44 / IP54.

Button switch: hand operation light and flexible, sub-rope manipulation and wireless remote control in two ways.