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Electric Trolley

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Electric Trolley is a practical and useful equipment which is widely used in mold, machinery manufacturing, warehousing logistics, shipbuilding, bridge construction industries and other special purposes.
It is made of high-quality alumium alloy that it is resistant to dust and corrosion that it is endurable with prolonged service life.It is strong and steady enough to make sure the excellent and stable operation of the equipment.
With the scientific design, it has high working efficiency which improves the output,reducing the cost of money,time and energy. And it is able to operate with little noise,available to provide the silent working environment that workers can better focus on the job,avoiding the talk with loud sound.
It is designed with small dimension and light weight that it is easy to move and carry.Besides,it is produced with high standards of the international certification of CE in order to meet the national requirements.Therefore, it is of guaranteed quality and excellent performance.

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