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A winch is a machine that has a vertically mounted winch that can be wound under power but does not store rope. It adopts the scientific design of lever principle in order to enhance the working efficiency, which is also available to save labor and time. It is widely used to transport goods in building yard, which can greatly quicken the progress of the project.
It is able to be made of aluminum alloy and other materials that it is strong and firm owing to the materials with high strength and superior quality. And it has the heavy base that it is able to make sure the stable operation of the machine, and it is available to take up little space with the small dimension. Besides, it is easy to operate the one person is capable of learning the usage within minutes. And it is simple to maintain because of its resistance of corrosion and dust.
With the delicate craftsmanship, it has elegant appearance which is smooth with comfortable using experience. It is practical and useful that it is convenient to our daily life, making the quick development of the society and improving the living quality of people.